1. Stay big and reduce the target for the attacker

  2. Get off your line to narrow down the angle for the striker

  3. Focus on the ball, rather than the player in possession (it’s the ball you need to save)

  4. Time your run-outs carefully as you’re restricted by the penalty box

  5. Don’t go to ground until the very last second to force the attacker to make a decision

  6. Distribute the ball from the edge of the penalty area

  7. Take your time to pick out your pass but don’t wait too long

  8. Make eye contact with a team mate before playing the ball to them

  9. Try to anticipate your team mates’ movement and distribute the ball ahead of them

  10. Practice kicking the ball with both feet

  11. Play the ball from the ground and seek to play it to feet

  12. Always know where the opposition are in case you have to parry a shot away from you

  13. Stay on your toes and ‘set’ yourself in preparation for a shot

  14. Be light on your feet, with knees slightly bent, ready to spring

  15. When making a save move towards the ball rather than waiting for it to come to you

  16. Always seek to use your hands rather than your feet

  17. Keep your hands soft and avoid locking your elbows to hold on to the ball

  18. Be aware of your positioning in relation to the goal at all times

  19. Imagine a line drawn from the centre of the goal to the player with the ball – get on that line

  20. After a save, recover and get back on your feet as quickly as possible

20 top tips for keepers


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