Australia need to stop worrying about being liked

FORMER captain Michael Clarke says Australia needs to stop worrying about trying to be the “most liked team in the world” and focus on winning games. The four-time Allan Border Medallist called for the team to go back to playing “tough Australian cricket” ahead of this summer’s Test series with India, which begins Thursday week. “Australian cricket I think need to stop worry about being liked and start worry about being respected,” Clarke told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“Play tough Australian cricket, because whether we like it or not, that is in our blood. “If you try and walk away from it, yeah we might be the most liked team in the world, we’re not going to win s**t, we won’t win a game. All we can want to do is want to win.” Clarke also spoke about the public opinion of suspended opening batsman David Warner and explained what you see is what you get behind the scenes with the 32-year-old. “What you see with Davey Warner is what you get and I think your greatest strength can be your greatest weakness,” he said. “To me, I always loved having him in the team that I was captaining, because he brought that aggression that I wanted from a player. But in saying that, there was always a line. He knew that. (Fox Sports)

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